The Paper Cities 005

Reports - Mosquito Nets LP

Side A
1. Sassy Glasses
2. Yr Honor
3. Radio
4. Sewn To Your Mind
5. Outside
6. Move & Glow (Part 1)
Side B
7. Move & Glow (Part 2)
8. Showers
9. Exit Plan
10. Quarters
11. Mosquito Nets

The debut LP from Reports. A messy, echo-soaked pop jam for the 21st century. Mosquito Nets was mostly recorded in one day in May of 2006. It was then taken apart and slowly reassembled by Farhad and Martin over the course of the next 6 months. The tape echo came out, the reverb tank poked its head in, all sorts of toys joined in the piece by piece reworking of the initial live demos. What began as a quick day to lay out some ideas turned into leisurely tinkering until everything was just so. 250 copies with hand-screened jackets.

$10 PPD - US Customers

$16 PPD - International Customers (apologies, airmail for LPs is highway robbery!)

The album can also be acquired digitally via our friends at Inman Street Records.

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