The Paper Cities 004

Dania Shapes - Holograd CDr

1. Koyla's Radio
2. Kid Grid
3. Airbird
4. The Skyclops
5. Futurekiss
6. Channel 3
7. Art People
8. Holograd
9. October
10. Nest 5900
11. Random Phantoms

Dania Shapes is Daniel Lopatin (also of ASTRONAUT), who began recording ambient compositions in his bedroom while studying aesthetic philosophy and experimental music at Hampshire College (USA). As a child, Lopatin had studied piano under the training of his mother, but he was a whimsical young boy and didn't have the requisite precociousness that classical training required of him. Thus, he turned to his father's old Roland Juno-60 synthesizer.He quickly learned a thing or two about the extreme drama of the mod wheel, erased all of his father's organ presets in favor of toneless noise, and the rest is history.

Holograd is the 2nd full-length from Dania Shapes. Warm analog sounds and free-floating pixelated structures meet the cold reality of todays world and defy them with their otherworldly beauty. Thin, lacy tones decorating deep undercurrents, we're proud to bring this to the people. 100 copies in hand-screened jackets.

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$10 PPD - International Customers


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