The Paper Cities 003

Pants Yell - Recent Drama CD

1. Kids Are The Same
2. Easy Way To Be Cruel
3. Our Weather
4. Its Been Done
5. We've Got History
6. Our Turf
7. You Want Trouble
8. Don't Take It
9. New #4
10. Your Feelings Don't Show
11. Southend-on-Sea

Pants Yell's sophomore album, a co-release between The Paper Cities and Asaurus Records. Again recorded with Tim Shea (Black Helicopter) at his Analog Divide studio, these 11 songs show the next level of Pants Yell!, with lush arrangements and vocals and unexpected twists and turns in the songwriting, while maintaining a clever simplicity akin to The Clean or the Pastels.

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$10 PPD - International Customers

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